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Steam Ironing

The micro fibers of your clothes don’t really like too much heat. This is why we only use steam. Our steam pressing technology uses steam that is multidirectional so as to relax the fibers within the weave and thus give that ultimate fall & feel to your clothes.Furthermore, when it comes to creases, steam actually does wonders. After a refreshing dry & clean or Laundry wash, this finishing processes make sure your garments are happy as new before they leave the hands of our professional experts.

While most fabrics actually support steam ironing, some delicate fabrics need to be treated in a different way or avoid from being pressed altogether. Other factors such as the amount of steam as well as temperature to be applied for different fabrics are also a vital consideration. Which is why it is advisable to always get your clothes steam ironed to perfection from professionals such as Unique Laundry. Moreover, this actually helps save them from damage as well as increase their longevity. Give your clothes a wrinkle-free shine with Unique Laundry’s high quality steam ironing services:

  • Clothes handled by skilled professionals
  • Steam ironing solutions for all sorts of clothes specially Saree, Fancy Suits, Coat, etc.
  • Custom temperature and steam according to fabric type
  • Crisp, wrinkle-free look for your clothes
  • Doorstep pick-up and drop service to save time

Furthermore, our steam ironing services have a affordable price, making them the preferred choice for many of our customers.