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Terms and Conditions

1 Every Effort is Made To Deliver. The Clothes in time but is due b some uncontrollable the delivery become Late the Owner is not entitled for any compensation or educe on the charges.

2. The Cleaners accept no liability for lose of the clothe ansing out of the not or any other similiar unforse causes.

3. In the event of loss of damage for which the firm may be liable the firm has option of either replacing or repairing the articles or the part injured or lost. The liability of the firm for loss or injury to any article of any kinds shall be limit to 35% of the original cost of the new articles for which it has been previously declared and 20% for the price of old clothes.

4.Every articles must be taken delivery with innmonths after the expire of months the customer shall have to pay the cleaning charges which become double the second months and three times in the third month and soon.

5. If the delivery as articles is not taken within three months after the booking of the clothes the customer shall for this right of claim the article. The cleaner can sell of in any of the other way dear with the garment at their will.

6. No agent or employee of the firm has any authority or every of after in way the above mentioned terms.

7. Removal of spots are not guaranteed.

Note : Please check Your Pocket before handing over for dry cleaning & take delivery on due date.
8. All disputes are to settled in New Delhi Court.